{Sundays with Raphael} Spinning Quest

{Sundays with Raphael} Spinning Quest

Hello everyone! Renzze.com is undergoing a slate of changes and I’ve been working hard at revamping the blog’s design (which is due to be up before the end of this month). Super exciting! Together with these new changes, another significant progression is that a new male writer, Raphael, will be joining me on Renzze.com to give a fresh perspective. Renzze.com has always been my sanctuary of personal thoughts and it’s almost a diary of sorts for the last 6 years. For the very first time, I’m introducing a regular guest writer to give Renzze.com a wider scope of articles.

Even though, most of the articles will still be written by me and I will continue to maintain the same candour to my posts, I feel a need to explore my limits and expand Renzze.com further. Raphael is an old friend of mine whom I’ve know for about 8 years. I love talking to him and exploring a mindset that is different from my own. On a personal level, he has been a wonderful sounding board to my ideas and problems so it’s with great pleasure that I welcome him to Renzze.com 🙂

Now, my readers will now get a chance to see it from a male’s perspective, once a week, every Sunday on {Sundays with Raphael}. Do let me know on what topics you’ll like to “hear it from a guy” and we’ll try to incorporate it in. I’ve had the loveliest support from my readers (which I’m truly grateful for) and I hope that you all will share that warmth to Raphael as well.

His first article on our adventure to a spin class at Spinning Quest will follow below. It was my first time trying out a spin class and finally got a taste of that intensity my friends were warning me about! Thanks to Raphael, Melva and Jessie for joining me on the class as well.

Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!

I was all excited and motivated for a workout session when I got wind of the invite for a session with spinning quest! It has been a while since I participated in something this intensive!

First up was a hospitable welcome by the team at Spinning Quest, bathing towels were provided and an introduction to the grounds and motivations of Spinning Quest. The philosophy there revolves around minimal commitment to any long term sign ups as they want customers to feel motivated to come based on the quality of the sessions instead of the monetary commitments.

Spinning Quest utilises a World-Class Program Les Mills System, namely the RPM™ program which involves an indoor cycling program that provides a simple and quick way of burning calories. On top of that, the program includes fast paced modern music which act as guide counters to determine the intensity and speed of the program.


Even with prior experiences during my time in Melbourne with Fitness First, due to the lack of consistent practice, I found the session with Spinning Quest challenging. The session was intensive but manageable, our trainer Carol brought us through a series of workouts.

As we were there for an introductory session, she took it easy on us and brought the workout a notch down. Nevertheless, it was an effective and awesome session. Anyone looking to activate multiple muscle groups and burn calories should really partake in these sessions!

Even though the premises is small, Spinning Quest is well equipped with both a male and female changing rooms which includes showering areas and individual lockers. Given an opportunity, I would definitely revisit this place to work out.



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