Sunday brunch at Hatched

I love Sunday brunches and now that I’m working, I think it’s even more important to be able to make time to meet my girls over a cup of hot chocolate the the smells of breakfast.

Jolene and I had our brunch at Hatched. A little cafe at Evans Road which specializes in eggs. I think the eggs here were pretty good but the pancakes didn’t meet my expectation. Just to be clear, the pancakes aren’t terrible. It’s just that I was in serious craving for those absolutely fluffy pancakes that I had in Austraila and their’s just didn’t quite hit the mark. Jolene thought my pancakes were find :X

After brunch, we got ourselves into an absolutely narcissistic mood and took quite a bit of photos outside Hatched!

My lovely blue dress is from Eternity Loft. I really like how the simple cut will look great on anyone but the pleated details at the top area gives it a little more character. I can imagine a ton of ways to style this dress to bring out different looks but since it was a casual Sunday brunch outfit, I decided to wear it as it is.


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