Style It: Wild and Rondavous

I was invited by Rondavous to attend Style: It Wild party and fashion show some time back (would have blogged about it sooner but I was away and my computer crashed!) and I gotta say it was one really sizzling night! Since I had a plus one, I invited Regina along with me to Shanghai Dolly.

If  you haven’t guessed it yet, Style : It Wild is all about lingerie and is probably the Singapore version of a racy Victoria Secrets catwalk show. There were quite a few brands involved but my personal star would have to be the pieces from Rondavous. The cut, design and detail are gorgeously drool worthy. Regina and I kept going on about how seductive those pieces look and how perfect the models are. Put the two together and the result is out of this world! Men (most obviously were the waiters) literally stopped in their tracks to oogle with dropped jaws and I can’t blame them cause even the women were staring with envy.

Whoever did the styling of the models for the catwalk, did a superb job. They were hot, sexy and provocative in a positively luxurious and classy way. I adore the whole old vintage styling that went so well with scandalous outfits. Most would think the lingerie would never see the light of day outside of a bedroom but most of the staff and representative of Rondavous wore the range of lingerie as part of their outfits that day. Paired with office skirts or pants, they can be dressing up or down with a jacket; showing the versatility of  most of the pieces.

Dedicated to empowering women in the region with a trusted source of up to date choice of quality, opulent and seductive lingerie collections and bedroom accessories, the Rondavous team combs cross-continents, from America to Europe to handpick high-octane, seduction-fuelled and deliciously decadent boudoir fabrics that enrich life’s most pleasurable moments and innermost bedroom desires.

Each Rondavous piece is a fusion of provocativeness and comfort. Each sculpted to mold to your body, cut to caress all curves, designed with slimming boning and/or under wired cups for optimum enhancement and ultimate luxury.

Crafted from the finest fabrics, wrapped in the richest of colours and embellished with star-dusted elegance.

If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe or grab the perfect gift for your girlfriend, then visit Rondavous Lingerie at 14 Scotts Road, #01-03, Far East Plaza, Singapore. I will be popping by there soon to check them out as well. And would share even more with you all after!




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