Strawberry Fields

Okay, so I lied. It’s not exactly strawberry fields and more like strawberry farms. I went in search for strawberries in Cameron Highland and had to look a little harder than usual cause I was there a little too early and the strawberry season was only just starting.

But beautiful flowers and cactuses were everywhere!

Fresh strawberries over waffles and a home made strawberry popsicle made a great mid-day snack as we drove around several farms looking for the best strawberries and ending up with more and more beautiful flowers.

Plants don’t survive very long with me. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m always away from home and relying on possible rain to keep them healthy or maybe it just requires more patience with dirt and worms then I have. It doesn’t help than I like the pretty flowering kind (read hard to maintain types) more than the green hardy ones. My mum on the other hand, loves plants and she’s probably the only one in my family that has green fingers that makes every plant under her care blossom.

So needless to say, my mum loved Cameron Highlands. If she could bring back a garden to Singapore I’m pretty sure she would. I was just happy to be surrounded by beautiful flowers, the colors makes me happy (very bimbotic, I know).

If you love vibrant colors and gorgeous flowers, than you’re in for a treat cause we also visited several huge flower gardens in Cameron that I will blog about in days to come. I just need to sort the photos and weed out (pun intended) all the boring ones first.


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