Steamboat with AC

AC was in town in May and we played lots of board games at my place!

*Credits go to galatea, Ambrose, Trekspert1, and Joey55123 for pictures of Agricola.*

The new game Agricola was really fun especially after we figured out all the rules and knew how to play it. This games has a whole lot of re-playability cause there are so many variations in each game. AC’s friend wrote the rule book! 


* Credits go to Aingeru and pigeoncamera for pictures of The Settlers of Catan.*

Of course there were also old favorites like The Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. Modern Art was a really small but very easy game.

Other than board games, staying in meant cooking dinner and to make life a little easier, we decided to have steamboat and Rockband!

Simple but very effective!

Here’s the outfit I wore out before I came home to have a geeky party at my place.

And the dress without my favorite jacket.


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