Stay FIT with W Hotel and Tara Stiles Part 1

Stay FIT with W Hotel and Tara Stiles Part 1

I’ve been to W Singapore several times and the service, ambience, food and concepts never fail to disappoint. Naturally, it was with great anticipation that I headed down to W Hotel to spend the day getting FIT under their new Tara Stiles programme. Just launched on 1st July, W Hotels Worldwide embarks on their first ever fitness program, FIT with Tara Stiles, rolling out to all 45 of the W brand’s cutting-edge hotels and resorts around the world.

In a busy city like Singapore, I love how you can still find a calming resort environment in Sentosa Island where W Singapore is located. Walking around the hotel grounds facing the marina, I could almost picture being on a mini vacation away from home. It’s a brilliant idea for W Hotel to incorporate fitness and wellness as part of their retreat packages because that’s what urbanites like myself need after being cooped up at the office all day.

My first stop was to get a personal training session at FIT. This exclusive gym is open to the hotel guests and members. Currently open to taking in new members, they will close registrations once they have 50 members to ensure exclusivity.

My personal trainer did a quick body analysis for me before starting my workout with a full body stretch. I’m generally healthy and pretty flexible though I would probably still need to put on about 3 to 5 kg of muscles to be perfect.

Making use of Fitvibe, a vibrating plate that allows you to activate up to 95 percent of your muscle fibers, I started with some simple warm up exercises to get my heart rate going. It stimulates and challenges your bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments as you work out for more efficiency.

Next, some strength building using the gym’s Kinesis system.

Traditional fitness training mainly focuses on muscles but Kinesis functional training focuses on freedom of movement which is a really interesting concept to me.

To inject more fun into the personal training session, my trainer suggested teaching me some boxing and Muay Thai moves to increase my hand-eye coordination as well as situational alertness.

It was a really gratifying workout as I learned how to punch, jab, dodge and kick! Lots of concentration was needed to keep me focused and active.

My training session felt really short as I was having so much fun which was a wonderful way to start my FIT retreat with W Hotel.

Here’s a quick instavideo of my boxing workout!

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After a good cool down stretch by my trainer, I was ushered to the AWAY Spa for my specially tailored massage appointment.

The AWAY Spa, located just opposite from FIT gym, gives a complete different vibe from the high energy dynamic feel of the gym. I immediately felt tranquility as I bask myself in the relaxing rainforest-like surroundings that features wooden sculptures and soothing natural surfaces.

I enjoyed the experiential showers and vitality pool with body jets in the decompression room before going for my massage.

My room was appropriately named ESCAPE and that’s what I did for 60 mins. Sheer blissfulness overcame me as the therapist worked out the knots in my back. With each knead, I felt my body tensions loosening.

I took a nice leisurely stretch in the waiting room after my massage, enjoying the flowery tea and the soothing ambience before heading up to my room.

The Extreme WOW Suite was breathtakingly gorgeous! I fell in love with sophisticated modern and contemporary mix of design at first sight.

I had wanted to take a quick shower before lunch arrived but the moment I entered the room I was mesmerised. I just couldn’t help exploring what the suite had to offer.

A lot of thought is placed into the designs of the rooms, bringing out W Hotel’s signature luxury and sensual style. The Extreme WOW suite doesn’t feel like an ordinary hotel suite but a place you could easily call home for an extended period of time.

I appreciate all the details that can only be the result of their meticulous forethought. I’ll let Donut (my cutest stuffed toy dog) show you more in the photos I’ll be spamming in this post.

I’m dazzled by the refinement of the many stimulating elements that make up the sum of this Extreme WOW suite – interesting art pieces, a turntable with a full record collection, luxury leather couches, a marble dining table, an immense silver bathtub, separate rain shower and sauna, an outdoor pool on the balcony overlooking the marina, wide choices of tea, coffee, vitamins and other boosting packs, the luxurious sheets of the signature W Bed with its 350-thread count linens, 40” LED HD TVs, iPod docking stations and BOSE sound systems.

I’ll be sharing more about my “FIT with Tara Stiles’ retreat in Stay FIT with W Hotel and Tara Stiles Part 2 post coming up so check back soon

21 Ocean Way Singapore 098374
T: +65 6808 7288
F: +65 6808 7289 

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