Sourdough Clam Chowder

Finally, another free day to do my shopping errands as well as head down to the fisherman’s wharf. The wind was doing it’s thing driving my already messy hair crazier. Summer sales is everywhere… so I had to pop by Old Navy… Bed & Body Works and BCBG on top of others. The yummilicious Bath & Body works bath gels and lotions were going at US5 only I absolutely wish I wasn’t constrained by luggage space cause I can never get enough of their gorgeous smelling products. BCBG was also going at 50% and 30% discount for to-die for dresses… and I have to say their handbags are getting very very stylish…

I’ve already returned my rental car that very morning so off I go to the pier on a bus! I’ve been to the wharf so many times already I think I can make my way there blindfolded. I used to take the touristy trams on my first few times to SF but now a more prudent me will be taking the public trams… just as the locals do.

I’ve always had a hate-love relationship with Pier 39. While I love the scenery and the food… I hate the droves of endless tourists and those honky tonk shops that screams commercial. I would love for this to be a much more quiet spot.

It was a very cold day… and my fingers were getting frozen by all that wind-chill. But I had to come… I had to see the sea lions again… basking in what they consider the most perfect weather for summer.

And the 2nd reason? To have the famous boudin sourdough bowl clam chowder. I’m actually allergic to sea food. But I made sure I popped a couple of anti-histamines before heading to the wharf so I can have my soup…. taking the risk I might break out in rashes.

Some more photos to share before I left my heart in SFO…

Time for dinner at Louise Diner then back to the hotel to pack for my flight.


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