Snowman and Snow Angels

I’ve been pretty mellow for the whole Germany trip… staying indoors most of the time to hide out from the cold. But I guess that for at least one of the days I ought to go out and embrace the snow!!! How often would I get to play with snow once I get back to Singapore right?

So wearing my warmest woolen scarf and woolen hat I braved out to the nearby park where the pond there has completely frozen over and is covered with a thick blanket of snow. I had to resist the impulse to walk on the wide open land you see in the picture above cause it’s ice over the pond… if you clear away the snow you could still see some bubbles trapped in the frozen water.

The first thing to do was of course to built a snow man… or in my case a very tiny Yuki daruma. It’s really cold which made it hard for me to roll the snow. Apparently mine’s a Yuki daruma ( japanese version of snowman) cause it is only made up of 2 snow spheres. The westernized snowman is made up of 3 or sculptured to look more like a man.

And no outing in the snow can be complete without some fun spontaneous snowball fight!!! It took me awhile to get my snowballs right! Initially my snowballs tend to breakup and spread the snow everywhere before it hit my target. But after learning the right pressure to apply to creating my snowball I could make better compacted ones that gave more impact! Still the size of my snow ball was only about the size of my fist… talk about being the underdog in this fight!!!

Lol… thinking about it makes me smile! Snowball fights are so much fun! And it does leave you kinda messy as well… but no one cares when everyone is busy creating and throwing snow around!

The last thing to do before heading for lunch? A snow angel!!!

Nice? For those who’ve yet to try doing their own snow angel, it’s very simple. Just find an area of snow that is not disturbed yet. Lie in it and spread your arms and legs out, sweeping them back and forth. The movement of the arms form the wings and the movement of the legs will for the gown… giving the final product of your very own snow angel!!!

And if you wanna catch a more animated version of my snow fight… then watch the video I’ve uploaded below.


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