Snapshots of October 2012

@smithankyou treated the co-workers to Kolo Mee lunch!


I love old school ice-cream bread.


Late night food, drinks at Pump Room VIP. It’s been awhile since I can R & R late on a weekday night.


Everyone is busy with questions after the Porcelain Face Spa party.


North Indian gulab jamun desserts with ice-cream. Super Yummy.


Missing the La Belle Mienette macarons I had in Melbourne Australia. I bought every single color and more!


Super heavy Marche meal. It was supposed to be a light tea snack but I think I overdid it.


Let the feasting begin with @audreyjasmine at Shin Kushiya Japanese Charcoal Grill Restaurant.


Sliced fish mee sua using Ba Kut Teh soup at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh!


Regular sized and mini sized macarons for tea at Java Detour.


Henna drawing skills used with cake decorating produces some awesome results!


I had so much fun making these cupcakes!


Thank you Casio for this lovely Baby-G watch!


The toufu cheesecake I had with @audreyjasmine reminded me of the yummy ones I had with @wendyteo . This one is not as good as the one at Sun and Moon Restaurant.


Went to Halloween Sentosa on one day and had Reeses Pieces Easter Eggs the next day. My time zone is outta wack!


Yummy creepy fingers Halloween snack from @kellykonomi. It’s my earliest Halloween treat!


Go ahead and judge!


Trying on a Love Mi dress at their shop opening with @sugar7733


Sunset with a bird’s eye view on the cable car to Sentosa.


Tea and durian puff for snacks while it’s raining cats and dogs in Sentosa.


Michelle mad me birds nest to drink on my birthday! So touched and blessed.


Loving my cute gel nails from Passion Nails at Far East Plaza.


I’m off to photograph the world with my new  Casion Exilim JE10!


Weekend Dim Sum breakfast in KL, Malaysia.


Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.


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