Snapshots of December 2012

Please remember to support Co7 and Co9 at now! These girls spent their holidays making the most amazing animations frame by frame!

A yacht party for Michelle’s birthday!

Cute cupcakes to cheer my teams on! I know I’m starting to be a nag but vote for C07 and C09 at with your PC and smart phone! These girls need your support!

After a dramatic turns of events, I finally made it on the plane and to New Zealand.

Gorgeous Lupins were everywhere! They are now my favorite flowers in New Zealand.

Stayed at Lake Tekapo, NZ. It was an amazing feeling to wake up to this view.

Gorgeous view of Lake Pukaki, NZ with snowy mountains and clear blue waters.

One of the more memorable hot chocolate at Angus Cafe,Dunedin.

Gave @reginachow_sg her birthday present before we headed out for the day!

Only JW is crazy daring enough to perch on top of a rock in super windy conditions to take photos of us.

Here’s the view of what I was seeing from my rock.

The hotel garden had such huge and beautiful flowers!

Strawberry tart from the Dunedin farmer’s market and a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast.

Off on a ferry to see glow worm caves.

A very misty and foggy Milford Sound, NZ.

A clear view of the kitchen at Fergburger, Queenstown, NZ.

Can you beat the record time of 1 min 43 sec to devour this huge Fergburger?

Big breakfasts were a necessity in New Zealand cause we trekked quite a bit!

I want to make memories all over the world and I’m at a work-in-progress stage.

Oh yes, I finally got to try my hand at hand-gliding. It’s fun and much easier than I expected!

I’m a total sucker for morning pancakes and this one has raspberry and bacon slid in-between each layer. Divine.

Any random photo I take in New Zealand seems postcard worthy.

Shotover Jet boat ride. Fun but all the spinning left me with a headache!

My nails from House of J Nails that lasted me through all those extreme adventures I did in New Zealand.

Absorbed the Maori culture in New Zealand.

Flew back to Singapore just in time for Christmas!

My luggage got lost then found again.

@watsonsg christmas gift came just in time! I love you Watsons!

Shared a log cake with my grandparents before heading to the airport again.

Off I go once more! Had such a good sleep on board. I’m really fuss free on flights.

Arrived on Christmas night and  started my marathon of  eating, shopping and having a wild time on boxing day in Hong Kong.

Cold noodles is one of my “must-eat” items when I’m in Hong Kong.

Headed to the Happiest Place in Hong Kong.

I love how Disney decks out for the holiday seasons.

Foot reflexology and spa was a wonderful way to end most nights after all the walking and shopping.

How can I not have my favorite drink of Hui Lau Shan’s watermelon and honey jelly when I’m in Hong Kong.

I’ve been drinking a lot more coffee recently and this mint chocolate latte with it’s cute pig art perks my day.

Checked in my luggage for my next destination!

Driving though the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, USA with the sun setting is so relaxing.

I always have country fried steaks for breakfast in the USA. No where in the world does it better than the states.


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