Skyve Wine Bistro

Skyve Wine Bistro

Awhile back Rachie and I met up to try out Skyve Wine Bistro newest selection of dishes.

I love the laid back chill ambience at Skyve. The location is central yet secluded; my kind of place.

We started of with some soft fragrant yummy buns. I’ve a weakness for good bread and have known to fill my stomach way before the mains arrive. This was definitely good bread but in order to complete the tasting of the meal, I resisted having a 2nd bun.

Firstly, the appetizers. In the sampler plate we had 3 different sumptuous oysters.  I was amazed that they were able to come up with 3 totally contrasting tastes with the same raw ingredient. I’m allergic to shellfish, but I risked enough to just take a taste of each to see the difference for myself.

Here are my recommendations. If you prefer to have the natural taste of oysters pretty much preserved, the Compressed Watermelon Oyster – diced compressed watermelon, pickled watermelon rind, extra virgin olive oil ($34++ for 1/2 dozen), is a refreshing choice.

If you like a hint of sweetness or just a huge fan of sake, I’ll recommend the Lychee ‘Saketini’ Granita Oyster – lychee & sake sorbet, seaweed “caviar” ($34++ for 1/2 dozen). 

But if you like your appetizer to be savoury or want something with a little more oomph, the ‘Escargot’ Style Oyster – gratinated in nori butter, shaved bonito flakes, toasted sesame seed ($34++ for 1/2 dozen), is a great choice. The tasty sauce pretty much blends together with the taste of the oyster and has the most intense taste of the 3.

My personal favorite of the day is this Sous Vide Egg & Spaghettini ($18++). The combination of soft poached egg, spaghettini in truffle salsa, iberico ham and truffle hollandaise was just perfect. 

In fact, it was so incredibly good that I literally wolfed it down in seconds. And this is the dish I miss most when I think of dining at Skyve. If you ever dine there, you have to put this on your ‘must-order’ list.

For vegetarians or vegetable lovers,  Skyve’s Vegetarian Pizza – sous Vide & Grilled seasonal vegetables, truffle salsa, arugula leaves, shaved Parmesan cheese ($34++), won’t leave you disappointed. The selection of vegetables will vary on the freshest available in the kitchen for the day.

I’m not big on pizzas and even less when I heard it’s a vegetarian version but this really surprised my tastebuds with its simplicity and it was a lot more delicious than I imagined.


Next, we had the Asian Inspired Confit of Duck Leg – sous vide crispy duck leg in Asian five spice, pickled fennel and orange segment salad, polenta fries, orange sauce ($36++). I love how they made something like duck confit which is so distinctively French into something that reflects the local tastes by using Asian five spices. The polenta fries instead of the usual potato fries was a nice touch and it went really well with the duck as well.

Another new main dish for the meat lovers is the Sous Vide Pork – pork Shoulder braised in root beer and spice, savoury crackling skin, pineapple and pomegranate salsa, toragashi pepper, plum salt ($36++). The skin is crispy and sinful in a good way and the pork shoulder is superbly tender. The root beer seeps deeply into the flavorings while the acids works as a tenderizer so that you get the perfect braise pork.

It was time for desserts, my favorite part of the meal.  

An old favorite that has been remixed is their Tiramisu – lady finger sponge infused with coffee liqueur, whipped mascarpone cream, kahlua granita ($12++). The presentation is a beautifully build up of ingredients and flavors but cut through it all and you get a delicious mix of coffee, alcohol, sweets and sponge. I particularly enjoyed the varying textures in this one dessert.

For those who prefer their desserts to be light and refreshing, your best bet will be the Mango & Cheese Semifreddo  rippled frozen mousse, Frozen lime foam, sablee cookies ($12++). Using real edible flowers, this summery dessert brings back moments of that tropical vacation with every bite.

As you can tell, I truly had a wonderful evening with Janice of FoodNews as well as catching up with Rachie of The Cambelles.

Skyve Wine Bistro is a place I look forward to coming back with friends for meals and for a great time. I was really impressed at the huge wine selection that this little bistro has and it has hit a sweet spot of serving quality food in a relaxed, classy but unpretentious environment.

Here’s an addition information to share with you.

Skyve Wine Bistro is having a special promotion for GSS! You can find the GSS promotion on their Skyve app but I’ll summarize it simply for you.

  1. Diners spending at least $100 can scan the QR code for $20 voucher redeemable on next visit.
  2. Promotion will last from 31 May to 28 July.
  3. Vouchers are redeemable before 31 August, valid for dinner only

Skyve Wine Bistro

10 Winstedt Rd Singapore 227977
Tel: 6225 6690


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