Skytrex Adventure

The original plan was to go camping at some glass house in the rain forest somewhere but due to the hassle of driving so far and the fact that I had to be back in Singapore really soon, the organizer, An Drew, changed the activity that weekend to Skytrex.

We were all assembled really early at the entrance of the 817 hectares of the Bukit Cerakah forest reserve at 8am with some yummy sandwiches made by PY. She made sure that those of us who didn’t wake up early enough for breakfast didn’t have to have a rumbling tummy. We all also had to fill out our indemnity form… which basically means… if we fall and die, that’s our problem.

You could buy leather climbing gloves from the counter but I simply wore the same one I bought in my Bali Treetop Adventure.

We got our safety equipment and were ready to start! But we had to go through the safety instructors’ briefing first.

We all wanted to do the extreme challenge! Even with SH afraid of heights and Alvin with an injured leg.

The extreme challenge boasts 21 extreme challenges with some platforms reaching the height of 22 meters. In my opinion, while this one wasn’t as tough as the obstacles at the Bali Treetop walk’s extreme challenge, it was definitely much higher and thus scarier to those with a fear of heights.

I had a superb time on the tree tops and was actually a little sad that it came to an end. I would have loved to do it again but unlike the one in Bali, this one is a strict one time on one chosen course.

After returning all those safety harnesses, we happily tucked in for a lovely picnic spread at the skydeck prepared by the girls. There were sandwiches, potatoes salads, greens, pasta, fruits and chilled drinks!

Thank you all for making it such a fun and exciting outing! I can’t wait to go back to KL for another visit soon!

This post is really late but I hope I make it up with this video to share.

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