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I haven’t updated or viewed my blog in a week! Sorry for the late replies!

I promised my Singapore Flyer post some time back… and here it is!

To be absolutely honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the flyer. I know it’s a main Singapore icon and all but it was a little too tacky in my opinion and not at all original as an icon since everyone has already heard of the London Eye. Thus, since the opening, I have never once ventured to take the Singapore Flyer.

As luck would have had it, I was in the possession of free flyer tickets and decided to take the opportunity to try the Flyer. When I was there, the Flyer was having its 1st year celebration. 93.3FM deejays were there hosting games in conjunction with the Flyers celebration activities. Standing next to one of the deejays in queue to redeem my free ticket, I was selected to participate in a jigsaw puzzle competition. Winning that, I had on my hands, MORE FREE TICKETS!!! LOL. I gave alway my free tickets to the guy behind me in the queue. He was a little dubious about my generous action and kept asking me if I was sure I didn’t want any form of payment for the tickets. I guess getting the free tickets should have put Singaporeans in a better light for this man’s holiday experience in the southeast.

The Singapore Flyer is currently the largest ferris wheel in the world ( The Great Beijing Wheel will take over as the largest ferris wheel once it opens sometime next year) and takes about 30mins or so for a full rotation. The sunset view on board the Flyer was beautiful though I believe that the sights will be much better once the IR project has been completed.

After the ride, we took a short walk next door to see the car roadshow. Lots of expensive luxury cars!

A quick walk around the little rainforest garden before heading home to pick Louis and Emmie for dinner at the park.

Here are some videos of South Pier and Singapore Flyer. I’ve also updated my banner  =)

First, the video of South Pier and those fancy cars.

Next, the Singapore Flyer video.



  1. huihui
    May 21, 2009 / 11:26 pm

    where did u get your dress. me likes it~

  2. huihui
    May 21, 2009 / 11:26 pm

    where did u get your dress. me likes it~

  3. May 23, 2009 / 12:46 pm


    dress is from FEP.

  4. May 23, 2009 / 12:46 pm


    dress is from FEP.

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