Shopping my heart out in Saigon

A gorgeous day starting with a good breakfast on the sky terrace before venturing out to the city for all my shopping! They actually have a pretty good selection of shops in Ho Chi Mhin and you can find familiar brand names like MNG, Accessorize among quite a few of the big brand names. The area for shopping these mid to high range products would be in and around Diamond departmental store. There are pool salons, bowling alleys and arcade in the top floors as well.

While I didn’t buy much from the brand names, I ended up getting a whole lot of local products. Vietnamese coffee for family and friends, a gorgeous made in Vietnam china tea set for myself and a whole bunch of cloth bags for friends. I love these cloth bags which are great for shoes or underwear when packing for trips. My favorite ones are the double bags which had different compartments for clean and dirty underwear and the bikini bags which has a waterproof lining so you can store your wet bikinis!

Since it was my last full day in the city, I took the chance to re-visit some landmark buildings which I liked. One of those is the Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica. I wrote about the uniqueness of the construction in a previous post but this time I went in to say a little prayer in the catholic church.

The other building which I really like was just around the corner from the church. And that’s the Saigon Central Post Office. I said how much I like the rows of red telephone booths in my last post and this time, I went into one of the little red boxes to use the telephone. I realized that while one side still remains for use a telephone booths, the red booths on the other side are actually ATM booths! I also took time to shop at the little souvenir store in the post office.

Would love to write more but I’ve an appointment to get too so I’ll conclude my Vietnam trip in yet another post!


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