Shopping in Nagoya

Nagoya is quite a nice city for shopping! First stop would be Ameyoko No. 1 Building which is close to the Kamimaezu Station. And if it’s a cold windy night, take your shopping underground! Nagoya is known for their massive underground shopping streets!

I bought quite a number of clothes at the underground shopping area of Central Park and Oasis 21. Take a train to Sakae station and you can walk underground with countless of stores till you reach Hisaya-odori station. I also came across a nice little outdoor ice-skating ring near the the Nadya Park complex.

And if you are in the Sakae area, a very prominent structure to note is the Nagoya TV tower. Standing 180 meters tall, the Nagoya TV Tower is Japan’s oldest – predating even the Tokyo Tower. Take an elevator to the 100m-high sky balcony for great views of Hisaya-odori park and Sakae.  It’s so gorgeously lit up at night!


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