Shopping in KL

I think I mentioned some time ago that we had a new place in KL. So this time when I was there over the Chinese New Year period, I was busy shopping for new stuffs for the home!

These were just some of the random photos we took while shopping. AC was super nice and super helpful! He practically followed me around to help me carry tons of bags! I would have never been able to do it without him!

On a side note, I think I was a little crazed at that time and we had just finished watching how people in Osaka would act along when you point a finger and shoot “Bang” at them. Supposedly strangers would stop whatever they are doing to pretend to get shot. I wondered if it’ll work anywhere else in the world so I actually tried it at a random DIY store! LOL. I had AC and Andrew for support and I tried it on 3 strangers. Only one reacted and pretended to get shot! LOL!!! Thinking back I can’t believe how crazy I was!

Well, after a hard day of shopping I had to settle down for some awesome root beer float and curly fries!  So many Singaporeans including myself have to run over to Malaysia for their quick fix of A & W. I really think A & W should consider re-opening a branch in Singapore again. They could do an express service type that only serves root beer floats, curly fries and waffles! And maybe coney dog.


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