Shopping for Groceries at Sams!

Some peeps emailed me asking me about what’s there to do in Florida… and there is plenty! There’s Sea World… Disney World… Universal Studios and the Everglades. But for this trip I didn’t do any of these. I’ve been to Orlando countless of times… it’s probably my most visited destination because of my family there. And I’ve done most of the things to do in my previous trips so this time it’s about spending time with the people I know and love.

I get so used to doing the normal activities there that I almost forget how it is like to live in Singapore. Just look at what we got for one trip to Sams!

Those thick pork chops are super delicious! I wish Singapore had them too!

And for those who love deserts! The cheesecake factory products are available too! They are the same as those I had in SF! Really wish I could bring them back!


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