Shiseido Professional shares their trend forecasts

Shiseido Professional shares their trend forecasts

I was invited to Shiseido’s head office in Singapore (together with a number of familiar faces) to learn more about the trend forecasts for 2013 and to view a mini hair show to see how Shiseido has integrated the trends into their products and styling techniques.

Mr Kenji Toyota shared with us the summarized trends that they have gleaned from international fashion shows. To  keep things simple, the key looks and words of the season is “Modern”, Minimalism”, “To be Chic”, “Graphical”, ” Flat”, “Cubisme”, “Borderless”, Cross Over” and ” Layered”.

Using these as inspiration, Shiseido created ” Sherbet Delight” for the Spring Summer 2013 hair inspirations and makeup.


To further illustrate, they prepared a mini live hair show demonstration for us using their Shiseido Professional  Stage Works range of products.

Most of the styles you see here are created either with the Damp Jelly or the Air Feel Motion or a combination of both. The Shiseido Damp is a limited edition series and works wonderfully with the season’s brillant wet-look shine.

We started with looks that have been represented on the runways. These are bold advent-garde looking as they are designed with fashion stage shows in mind. You can clearly see the wet-look and edgy lines in this series.

During the demonstration, the product that caught my eye was the Shiseido Professional Stage Works Air Feel Motion. It comes out as foam but the texture is so light and non-sticky that you can actually bounce the foam in your hands.

The Shiseido Professional Stage Works Air Feel Motion is able to hydrate and moisturize the hair while creating textural waves and hold the look together.

A fun and young lightness is created through the layered hair and an edginess is translated with sleek wet-look hair from the front.

For the trendsetters that would like to translate the show looks into every day dressing, Mr Yoshiyuki Takahash shows how the look can be toned down and incorporated into our lifestyles.


Although following the same design concepts and using the same products, the subsequent models were styled with the average customer in mind. These looks are wearable and trendy without looking over the top.

There is a sense of femininity and fun combined with the bold colors and prints of the outfits to give very fresh result. The Damp Jelly is oil free and very light in texture. It gives a wet-look without adding any weight to the hair and is able to hydrate and condition the hair as well.

Working on various hair lengths, the team demonstrated the flexibility of the products and the ease in which the different styles were created.

Thank you to Shiseido and the Japanese Beauty Creation team for sharing with us their trend forecasts and inspiring us with “Sherbet Delight”. I had a wonderful catchup session with many bloggers and old friends as well.






Later that evening, I popped by Kombi Rocks Diner for dinner.

I’ve always enjoyed chilling out here. The vintage cars and quirky furniture always brings a smile to my face. The table I sat at that night had old school barber chairs which were really quite comfy.

Simple dinner and a couple of root beer floats to end the day.






Outfit of the day

Cap:  Gift from my gf

Necklace: Phiten

Top: China

Bottom: Korea

Bracelet: Hermes

Bag: Honey Mi Honey X ViVi

Boots: Chanel


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