Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

One of the larger museum in Shanghai, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is in Pudong, next to the Century Park. The construction of the museum cost 3.75 billion RMB, and the floor area is 1,000,000m.

The main theme of this museum is ” Nature, Human and Technology” and I feel it is more like and educational science center than a museum. They even have IMAX and 3D and 4D theaters so you could buy tickets to watch a movie or documentary.

The first part of the exhibit on the first floor was about animals and plant life. It is quite an impressive display though I wasn’t too impressed with the man made rain forest. I guess because being in Singapore means I’m used to wandering in real rain forests in Singapore and Malaysia so walking in a man made version seem kinda silly.

However, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum has more to offer than just animals and plants. They have a really interesting robotics exhibition that is rather hands on. I got to play wei qi vs a robot, had my face drawn by a robot and compete against robots in all manners of sports!

I also love the spaciousness and architecture of the building itself. If you watched Jay Chou’s “Kung Fu Dunk”, you might recognized that most of the scenes were shot here. Too bad it was drizzling that day or I would have gone strolling in the huge Century Park.

Watch the video to see what I was up to! (Viewable at


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