September 2014 {InstaFlashback}

September 2014 {InstaFlashback}

It’s a new year and I’m really thankful for all that 2014 gave me. I’ll be sharing the {InstaFlashbacks} of the remaining of my 2014 in the coming days.

Had a lovely time staying fit at W hotel Singapore and totally loved the experience. Read all about it in my “Stay Fit with W Hotel and Tara Stiles Part 1” and  “Stay Fit with W Hotel and Tara Stiles Part 2” posts.

In September, I was still actively going for regular yoga classes at Updog Studios. Here’s one shot of my post workout fuel.

Spent some time with my dogs at the beach to make up for all the travelling time I’m away from them.

Part 2 of celebrating Sushi’s birthday was at “Fat Cow”. I love the wagyu there and can’t wait to go back again!

Blogged about my SUP experience with Teva. 

Had some weekend fun at Slappy Cakes after our Trickeye Experience. Melva made pancakes in my name and Raphael made me a huge chocolate chip pancake! 

Spent a whole weekend at Double Tree Hilton Johor with some Singapore and Malaysian bloggers and it was amazing! Great hotel, Great food and fun games too!

Regina and I met up my Malaysian friend, @TangQiaoQiao.

Had a yummy weekend lunch at Bincho with Regina and Raphael followed by coffee at Forty Hands which JW joined as well.

Tony of Johor Kaki recommended us to try the Wanton at Johor so we did!

Raphael, Hui Ying and I took a mini road trip to Pontian and caught a lovely sunset.

Went on a trip to Taiwan with Melva after being invited by Forte Hotel. We just missed Typhoon Phoenix and the weather was so nice.

One of the cutest theme cafe in Taiwan. You can read about my Aranzi Cafe experience.

Did major footwear shopping in Taiwan. These are what Melva and I bought after just 90 mins of shopping.

In the hotel provided yukata before my last dip into the hotsprings before Melva and I moved on to our next hotel in Taiwan .

Couldn’t resist going back to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Taiwan! I’ve not blogged about the most recent experience but you can read about the birthday I celebrated there in 2009.

Junk food, fried chicken and beer in the Taiwan hotel as I watched a horror show with Melva. I actually rarely watch horror but I’ll make exceptions for my dear friend.

Went to Jay Chou’s Initial D theme cafe for japanese lunch and it was pretty good. Pardon Melva’s finger on the top left corner of the photo. LOL.

Melva and I on the cab heading to the airport to catch our flight home.

Regina and I celebrating 1st Million Special Anniversary with The Face Shop.

Went to the Gala Premiere of “Black & White – The Dawn of Justice” in Singapore and got to meet the director and actors.

Loving my new personalized clutch/kindle holder. Gorgeous handcrafted leather with quilted suede lining 🙂 Beautiful things make my day! 

That’s all for September 2014. Thanks for reading.


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  1. December 2, 2015 / 8:48 am

    I’m glad you are having a great time!! Those monatuins are a breathtaking view. I love your picture of the Grand Canyon! lol. I went there about 5 years ago & it was amazing. Enjoy the rest of your trip! :)Lisa

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