Sep 2007 & Oct 2007

Sept 2007 and Oct 2007 is up in the What is Renzze Wearing Today section.

My faves in Sept 2007

I love love love this silky Bebe dress that I wore for SK’s birthday party.

Something different from what I normally wear.

Oh my! So retro.

I believe that I wore this chloe top many many times already. I think how well my makeup was done… must have been a fluke. Either that or I’m just generally too lazy.

Love the swirl of colors!

Faves in Oct 2007

It’s the cardi that I like.

Wore this ASOS dress to Yan’s birthday party!

The simplest of dresses for hellgate launch.

Love the patchwork dress. The bright pink trench is almost 8 years old already!

Hens night!

Something more casual for a day event.

A palette of blue.

My Mphosis mod dress.


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