Sentosa outing with dogs

It’s been awhile since I posted. In case you are wondering, I’m alive and well and I haven’t forgotten about at all! It just that I’ve been so busy and traveling around so I’ve just neglected it a wee bit. But I do have so much to share with you! Especially my lovely new BB Cosy Cover, my new 2011 collaborations and more. And I promise you’ll see all of that next week. For now, here’s a post of an outing I took last year to Sentosa to have a nice picnic with the doggies.

Both Louis and Emmie had fun meeting Audrey and Wei Siang’s little furbies! It was someone’s birthday that day as well so we did a mini little surprise celebration!

While we enjoyed our picnic, so did the dogs! Janice bought some specially prepared dog doughnuts and pastries for the dogs! It looked so good, I think it could easily be for human consumption! Louis and Emmie definitely had a real good day!

It was a whole day of fun, sun and water and we had dinner at Sakae Restaurant along one of the beach-fronts to end the day.



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