Self Portrait Scalloped Mixed-Lace Teal Dress

I'm a seasonal shopaholic. It's a terrible disease that gets worse when there are festive seasons and celebrations that 'legitimise' my indulgence as a holiday tradition. I don't always shop for myself. I'm just as happy to buy gifts or decorations for friends and family. My favourite things to shop are clothes, kitchenware and bento boxes. I know that's a weird combination of buys. In my attempt to minimise my shopping temptations (especially when gorgeous spring collections are launching everywhere!), I've decided to dig into my current wardrobe to showcase outfits that I've already owned and worn. In some cases, like this Self-portrait Scalloped Mixed-Lace Teal Dress and Alexander McQueen heels, I've even photographed myself in the outfit! Taken three years ago, I just never shared the photos on any social media mediums or shared it on my blog. Hopefully sharing some of these forgotten photos will entice me to rekindle some sparks with pieces that I already own and love.

self portrait teal lace dress
self portrait teal lace dress

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