Run 77

Run 77

These photos were taken in New Zealand on the last morning of my stay at the very beautiful Lake Tekapo. Run 77 was fast becoming one of my favourite stopover point in south island. It’s where I get my hot chocolate fix before I head out to hike Mount John Observatory or my first stop in the morning after a night of stargazing and astrophotography.

The couple of days at Lake Tekapo was nothing short of magical as I had time to ponder while being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

 We often think that we will be happy once we get that job, car, house, next promotion, or for me, that next travel destination. The truth is there will always be something to chase after, something to want. After years of traveling, I have come to one huge conclusion about being happy. It nothing about what you own , who you are or how smart you are. Happiness is simply a choice.

Nothing in this world can make you happy if you don’t want to be. Our life on this earth is a short one and during this journey, we experience a myriad of  discoveries, make countess of mistakes and are basically a work-in-progress as we find love and explore our purpose for being here. There never is a perfect time to finally be happy or is there a check-list of things to accomplish before you can attain happiness. If you are working towards perfection or hoping that gaining external things will give you happiness, you are on the straight road to misery. Happiness gained from an external source are short shallow bursts that will fizzle out in no time; leaving  you empty and scrambling hard for your next want.

Being on the road a lot and having nothing to distract my thoughts, it has become easier to see that happiness comes from within. I can be anywhere in the world and still find peace with myself. For me true happiness is being connected to your true self and living a purposeful life. The kind of life that may or may not get a nod of approval from society but the kind of life that makes every day worth waking up for.

Thanks for reading and have a good week ahead. I know it’s Monday and all but remember, if life gets too much for you, stop and simply choose happiness.


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