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I go through phases when it comes to style and beauty. From coloured hair to straight brows, I’ve tried and enjoyed the process of discovering something new. After all, life is too short to not experiment. Beauty is often dismissed as vanity. But it’s also a form of power. Being able to decide and choose what you like and what suits you for yourself is a decision that generations of women (and men) have fought for.

I do have incredible resistance when it comes to anything permanent. Luckily, there are so many safe semi-permanent options today that give me the chance to experiment with a new look and the flexibility of change in the future. To be honest, I am not unsatisfied with my nose. As Asians go, my nose isn’t flat. However, despite being happy with my height, I do feel that my nose is rather broad for my petite face. When Dr Timothy Shim, Singapore Senior Plastic Surgeon told me that my nose threading could give the illusion of reducing my broad nose for a year or two, I was happy to give it a go. He was also the surgeon who did my double eyelid procedure.

What is Nose Thread Lift?

Nose thread lift uses premium medical-grade threads for structural support to raise and shape your nose ridge and tip. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes, and the results are instantaneous. There is very minimal downtime as well. Some people experience bruising or swelling for a day or so, but I got off relatively unscathed.

How is it done?

Dr Timothy Shim will first assess the nose to discuss the treatment and results you would like to achieve. In my case, I wanted definition more than height. Some numbing cream and local anaesthesia will be given to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. There is only one entry point for the thread. It might look scary to have threads going through your nose but, it was painless and quick. Of course, all credits go to Dr Shim and his skills for choosing the right placements and the number of threads needed for each individual.

How were the results?

hiko clifford

hiko clifford

The nose thread lift is highly effective, and the results are obvious immediately. My nose is now symmetrical. It may be subtle but I think the before and after photos speak for themselves. The threads will naturally dissolve with time but collagen will form in the process so the results will last longer and look natural.

As with any procedure, the quality of the results is highly dependent on the skill of the doctor. I have trusted The Clifford Clinic for many years which gives me the confidence to try out different procedures with excellent results.

The doctors at The Clifford Clinic also treats acne, remove acne scars, hair transplant and more.

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