Reunion Dinner in Ipoh

Belated post…

The next few posts are gonna cover my Chinese New Year. Yes I know… time flies right? We headed back to Ipoh just for the reunion dinner and it was also the last time we saw our Ipoh granny alive.

Traffic was soooo soooo bad that Aikee totally lost his cool! I entertained myself with my iphone and my Jeffery Deaver novel… feeling very blessed that I didn’t have to be the one that’s driving in this traffic conditions.

We left KL at lunch and due to the jam, we only reached Ipoh after sunset.

100 year old granny was still going strong then… 100 sounds like a really long time to live but it really isn’t considering how time flies by. But I’m glad that she’s constantly surrounded by family and lots of love.

Home cooked reunion dinner is the best! I rather home cooked anytime rather than get jostled around in a restaurant on CNY eve. Plus the effort and togetherness makes everything so much more meaningful when I look back on these photos. I loved the giant chicken rice balls! I swear I couldn’t stop eating even though I was soooooo stuffed!

After dinner, we started fooling around with my camera. Taking silly shots, making light drawings and even running shots. So fun!

It was a fabulous Chinese New Year Eve! There were lots of fireworks privately put up as well! Too bad we didn’t manage to capture any on film.


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