Ren Ri 2009

I’m sure most chinese would know that the 7th day of the Chinese New Year is Ren Ri, a day where it’s every human’s birthday. I guess in the past… the world was not as organized and systematic and thus not everyone knew their actual birthdays so Ren Ri gave people a way of marking another year that they’ve aged. Nowadays, it’s just taken as a day for families to come together to “lao” yu sheng to get blessings and luck for the year ahead!

An interesting fact that very few Chinese know about however, is that on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, “chu er” , it’s the day of every dog’s birthday! Lol… so most traditional Chinese tend to give food and treat their dogs better.

Anyways, for Ren Ri 2009, I had yu sheng and a yummy home cooked meal with my family before heading out to Sentosa with my dad, mum and my doggies to take a look at the Sentosa flowers!

The sun was so bright I could hardly open my eyes for the camera! I should have gone back to the car to get my sunglasses but I was being really lazy.

Louis and Emmie love the great outdoors! I was pretty disappointed with the flowers though… there wasn’t really anything very “wow” about it. Quite a number of avid photographers went there with their SLRs and were disappointed as well. They did take an interest in Louis and Emmie though… lol…

I took a number of pictures with dad and mum… but I’m going to post up only 2 here cause they are kinda shy to have their photos on my blog… In fact I have to snip them off my pictures most of the time!

My mum and I both in hot pink!!!

Dad with Emmie. He looks really youthful in this picture and I rarely see him with such a gorgeous smile on photo… this has gotta be one of my faves!

We did a little family picnic by the beach and let Louis and Emmie go swimming…

I only have pictures of Emmie in the water and not Louis cause that boy moves too fast!!! My photos of him all turned out blurred by his excited movements! But thank god there’s video! So you can still see his adorable fun loving behavior on that day!


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