Rat Noodles

There are so many names for this particular noodle that I’m not sure which one is accurate! My family calls it Mee Tai Mak ( I don’t even know if my spelling is right). And in Hong Kong and Taiwan it’s called silver needle noodle 银针粉  or Yin Zhen Fen. But since AC brought me to try this yummy noodle in KL, I’ll used their local term of Rat Noodles 老鼠粉 or Loh See Fun. It’s a short whitish noodle and I guess it does look a little like a rat’s tail.

And as unappetizing as the name sounds, when cooked with mince meat, egg and sauce in a claypot, it’s delicious!

Although this store at Taman Tun is famous for their Loh See Fun, we ordered other dishes which turned out to be just as good!

Mouthwatering garlic and salted fish fried rice that went extremely well with the home made chilli sauce.

Incredibly rich and tasty pig stomach soup which is a difficult nyonya dish to prepare ! The big stomach must be well and throughly cleaned and soaked with salt to remove any traces of smell before cooking with peppercorns. This one passed the test!

And lastly we ordered the Malaysian Hokkien Noodles which is fried in black sauce as opposed to our Singapore Hokkien Prawn noodles.

This one was not bad though I’ve had better Hokkien Noodles in KL.


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