Randomness of running errands

Time waits for no man. It’s said that I usually have to take time off my precious weekends to run errands but such is life of an adult. The week passes really quick for me at work and when weekend comes around I need to divide it to small parts so that I can catch up on sleep, take the dogs out for their weekend outing, spend time with friends or family, do housework and run the errands that I need to run like getting my laptop fixed, altering my clothes, getting my dogs their food, getting household necessities, helping my really old grandparents run their errands,etc

It’s not the most glamourous of times and these are random snapshots that have been taken while doing the most mundane of errands. As you can see, it’s usually accompanied by food cause a quick meal or snack in between keeps me going! Do you also have problems finding time to do all your errands?



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