Random day in Paris

My yet another unplanned day in Paris stars with a meal at McDonald! I love the CBO sandwich and the Premo! After my quick and easy branch, I was off to shop at Monoprix, which is a rather interesting departmental store cum supermarket before hopping on the metro to my next destination. By the way, I found it unusual that there always seem to be a Durex vending machine in underground tunnels, do the French always have their sexcapades in the metro?

The large part of my day was spent at Place de la Madeleine. I made a stop to see Église de la Madeleine, the roman catholic church of neo-classical style and one of the most fashionable places to hold a wedding in Paris these days.

Nearby is Fauchon, where the best delicacies and specialty fine foods can be found! It’s a great place to pick up some foodstuff and preserves to take back home and if you have time to spare, have lunch at the restaurant there. For the Fauchon restaurant reservations are required on telephone no: 1 70 39 38 39 as there are only 30 places.


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