Quickie Bali Post

I just touched down to Singapore a couple of hours ago and am really wiped out with exhaustion. I only have one day in Singapore before setting off again on Saturday. Which is quite unfortunate cause I’ve tons of errands to run! I checked my emails and saw a number of enquiries on my Bali trip. I’ve answered to some and will reply the rest tomorrow. Feeling a little guilty about my slow uploading of my trip pictures so I’m doing a short post now… I’ll do a longer one later today after I’ve caught some sleep.

There are plays that you can watch in Bali… traditional ones of demons and Gods. It’s interesting for first-timers that would like to integrate themselves in Balinese culture. However it was the 3rd time I was watching this same play and it just didn’t have the same effect as it did when I first watched it on my virgin trip. While the audience clapped and laughed.. I kinda almost fell asleep watching! It didn’t help that the play was scheduled in the morning.


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