Purple Fever

I’m imagining that my email must be overflowing now. But I wouldn’t know cause I’m still away and won’t have the time to come online. These posts have been schedule early cause I know I won’t be around. So if you have left a comment or sent me an email please be patient with the reply 🙂

Anyways, today’s post is also another outfit post. This dress is from F21 and after wearing it out to run some errands, it’s already been handed down to my little sister. She wasn’t in a good state when I left so I do hope that she’ll be strong and I’ll see her soon when I get back.

I also got my F21, ASOS and Shopbop loot not not too long ago… they really ship their stuff in big boxes with lots of protection. My ASOS buys were during the time where they had their free shipping to Singapore promo and with the pounds running so low these days, I’m glad I placed my order!

I’ll be back in a couple more days and I can see my Louis and Emmie again! Poor babies didn’t get their weekend outing before I left because I was so sick. Hopefully I can find time to take them for a swim when I get back. Totally miss them crowding around me when I take my outfit for the day shots.


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