Pure Beauty Bon Voyage

I’ve been travelling extensively but I haven’t had the time to sort out the travel photos to share them all with you. Don’t worry though, I will get to them eventually and you’ll get little nuggets of posts from my various trips soon! One of my current travel must haves includes  Pure Beauty’s Bon Voyage series!

I took them along to Sydney (where these photos were taken) and they were absolutely a traveler’s delight! Made in Switzerland, they are dermatological tested for all skin types and you can pick and choose what you need. From essential daily moisturizer to weekly treatments such as scrubs and masks. They all come in 15ml packs so you can bring them in your hand carry if you want to give yourself a refreshing hydrating mask on the plane ride.

I’m in love with the fact that they come in these leak proof, resealable sachets and I don’t have to worry about all these skincare taking up space in my luggage.  It really saved me time packing for last minute trips too! Personally, I’ll put on the firming and lifting mask on the airplane and just use a wet wipe (I use Fancl’s fresh clear sheet) to clean it off after 15 minutes. It’ll keep your face from being dehydrated while travelling for several hours in the aircraft’s low humidity cabins.

You can find these at your local Watsons Personal Care store and if you are already on your way to the airport and realized you forgot to pack your skin care, there’s a Watsons store on the basement level of T3!


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