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I’m always on the lookout for handmade items. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of earrings, a dress or just a birthday card. Somehow handmade items brings with it a sense of wholesomeness that mass produced items can never replicate.

I often dream of creating my own jewelery or design my own dresses. But the reality of my life doesn’t give me the time or luxury which is why I get so excited when I come across lovely handmade items such as the puff angel dolls handmade by puff-accessories.

They are so sweet and so cute!!! And you can have them as earrings or bracelets or necklaces or anything you can imagine. I wanted one as a bag charm! It’s actually difficult to choose just one because they are all so cute and enticing in their own ways but here’s my puff angel.

A little girl scout with crystals, pearl and a beautiful pink flower to complete the charm. The best thing is that the quality is exceptional! I love how the charm gave my simple Longchamp tote a little more personality.

If you have a particular bag or hand phone or outfit you want to match, Puff-accessories does customization so you can find your perfect angel. All the puff angels are handmade from scratch, pieced together by hand, not machine. They’re sturdy and not easily breakable. Each Puff Angel is unique and differ in colour and design which means the angel is uniquely yours. I can imagine giving them to friends as a special lucky charm to remind them of my blessings.

And you might also be glad to know that Puff-accessories uses 14K gold plated and rhodium chains, findings and wires. No flimsy cheap metal that will cause your skin to breakout in rashes upon contact!

Besides these lovely puff angels I’ve been raving about, Puff-accessories does also make other types of accessories with a vintage vibe. Their cameo pieces are worth taking note of.

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