Prawning at Bishan

My fever finally broke today which probably means tomorrow should be a much brighter and healthier day for me! Hurray!

As promised, here’s my post about my prawning trip at Bishan with Koji, Jester and Clara. It’s the first time I went to catch prawns and Louis and Emmie came along too!

The prawns are the freshwater variety. They’ve got huge heads and scary long pincers.

After prawning, the place provides free salt, charcoal, satay sticks and sambal chilli for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I didn’t have any cause I’m allergic to seafood but the response from those who ate were pretty positive. I peeled one cooked prawn for my dogies to share since they’ve also been really patient the whole night we were there prawning.

I think you’ll get a better glimpse of the day’s activity with the video below!


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