Potluck dinner at my place

I had quite a number of errands to run that day so I potluck was a great idea for dinner. Everyone brought lots of food and we had yummy pies, tarts, skinny pizzas, home made tortillas, fried bee hoon and more! As host, I did fried bee hoon and soup as well as baked some cupcakes with hand made fondant.

It was great to be able to sit down and catch up with everyone. I also announced my plans to take a long break from my current work for 6 months. I will be joined by my girlfriends who are also in need of a breather which is absolutely fantastic news! So maybe I’ll have a little more time to try my hand in baking more goodies or working on some short video clips in the coming months.

Like most dinner at my place, the night ended really late with my last guests leaving at 5am cause everyone was having so much fun playing boardgames and being entertained by Louis, Emmies and my 3 musketeers hamsters. Time really flies by when you are having fun with great company.

We were basically snacking all night and Jolene got really excited when I brought out Japanese Care Bear sweets cause she’s a huge fan! LOL 🙂



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