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Recently I was invited to attend a “POSITIVELY TEAL” bloggers exclusive party at Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie to learn more about Ovarian Cancer Awareness. I actually count women of our generation lucky that we have such active support groups trying to make important health messages get across to as many young women as possible.

I met quite a few of my fellow blogger friends and together we learn more about ovarian cancer. As Associate Professor Dr. Mahesh Choolani went through the statistics and gruesome photos, a couple of very key highlights caught my eye and I’ll like to share them with my readers as I feel that we really should be more aware and educate the love ones around us. Be a part of the positively teal movement! Read on and share this with as many love ones and friends you have because early detection is cure!

Here are the highlights:

Ovarian Cancer is the 5th most common cancer among Singaporean women with 290 new cases each year resulting in 100 deaths a year.

In Singapore, 1 in 80 women faces Ovarian Cancer in their lifetime.

As Ovarian Cancer Survivor, Ms Lim Ai Ling, has share with us during the party, it really could happen to anyone and the only way she survived was due to early detection. Teal is the international symbolic color for ovarian cancer and I specifically wore my teal shoes to the event!!

Learning more about scary health issues doesn’t have to be boring and other then learning the signs of detection, we were also treated to really great snacks and got involved in a game or two! In fact tonight, I invite you to join in on the fun at Zouk! I’ll be there to celebrate life together with the women who survived ovarian cancer and are living life to the fullest.

You can also help donate to the cause by buying superbly yummy teal colored mint and raspberry flavored macarons from Cedele! Created by Executie Pastry Chef Chistophe Grilo, they are available at any Cedele outlets in June. A box of 2 is at $6, box of 6 at $15 and a box of 12 is at $24. All proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer Awareness. I’ve tried them and they are sumptuous!

As you can tell, there are lots of sponsors for the events and thanks to the sponsors, I had unexpectedly won a pair of sunglass worth $300 at the bloggers party. But the sponsors have something in line for my readers too! KissJane is going to donate 10% of all proceeds from their “Think Positive” collection of outfits that is launched on KissJane.com. And for every new KissJane.com member registered between May 21st till June 21st 2012, they’ll donate $1 to the cause! So please do go register to be a member! You are donating $1 without even having to move an inch away from where you are right now or fork out anything! Of course if you do decide to shop, readers will get a special 10% discount if you use this discount code : t3aL10F10

Cool as teal right? Now I just need to find teal color outfits in my wardrobe for the party!

Head down to Zouk and I’ll catch you there and if you want meet up with the healthcare providers, you can join the POSITIVELY TEAL DAY celebrations at NUH on the 1st June.




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