Porcelain Skin for your Valentine

Happy Valentines Day! I know this day is sorta overhyped with expensive flowers and cut-throat dinners but it’s still a good way to stay reminded that love is still very much alive everywhere! And to the singles, don’t despair and think that valentine is not for you cause it’s a good time to give a little lovin’ to yourself and your close friends as well.

Valentine Day has always been a little untimely for me so I’m never with my love on cupid’s special day but that just means that we have to make doubly  sure that we spend quality time whenever we have time for each other all year round.

For those who would like to pamper themselves or their partners, you could head down Porcelain, The Face Spa for a little treat this February cause they are having a super special promo! And which girl doesn’t want good skin!

Other than the superb promo,you get to add on and try out their other services for a fraction of the price! (S$28 for one, S$38 for two and S$48 for all three!)


I, of course recommend to do all three!
During my last facial with them recently, I found out that they were getting so popular with their customized facials that they had to move to a larger premise so that they can accomodate more customers. I think the sheer volume of customers getting results with their troubled skin really shows off the effectiveness of Porcelain, the face spa, techniques.
I don’t do facials often enough because I’m so busy and traveling so it can be months before I see a therapist. But every time I walk out of Porcelain, the face spa, I feel that my skin breaths a sigh of relief that I’ve finally made sure my pores are clean and that my skin gets all that its been lacking. So give yourself or your love one a little treat this Valentines Day and it’s going to be worth more than flowers and chocolates when you have skin that glows healthy in every room you walk in.
Their new locations is at
15 Cantonment Road , Singapore 089739

Just a stone throw from where their old place was!



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