Porcelain Pure Cleanser Contest

I’ve been meaning to write a review post on my facial treatments at Porcelain but I have been too busy to do so. It’s been a fantastic experience with them and my skin had never looked better! I’ve been so happy about my glowing skin! My sister was amazed that I wasn’t wearing any sort of foundation, makeup base and yet seem to have a new very radiant skin and many of my close friends have been asking me for the address and telephone number of Porcelain The Face Spa so that they can book their appointments. To those that I’ve been too busy to get back to you… here’ s the address and the promotional code for the $38 trial with a free eye mask!

31A Cantonment Road, Singapore 089747 (tel: 62279692)

I promise I’ll find time to do a post to answer a number of email quires on Porcelain as well as my skin care routine.

Today I’ll tell you about my current Porcelain Pure Cleanser. It’s extremely effective at removing impurities yet mild enough that it doesn’t dry out your skin. Many of the cleansers out there can be too harsh for our delicate skin especially for people like me with sensitive skin.

I found Porcelain Pure Cleanser to be as good as one of the expensive cleansers (not naming the brand because it was good to use just super ex!) that I use to buy from another renown facial salon. But at $180 a bottle I could easily buy 2 of the Porcelain Pure Cleanser with change to spare. And the ingredients are 80% similar! So are the effects!

Here’s a list of the  8 Key Active Botanical Ingredients

Cucumber Extract

Chamomile Extract

Horse Chesntut Extract

Rosemary Extract

Nettle Extract

Green Tea Extracts

Coltsfoot Extract

Sage Extracts

Normally, I’ll pump one pea size to lather with water into a very light foam and then proceed to cleanse my face. After that I’ll rinse with water then put on toner. One bottle would easily last 6 months or more so it’s quite value for money.

I’ll share more about my skin care routine in another post in July. Meanwhile for those who would like a chance to win a Porcelain Pure Cleanser worth S$75, here’s how!

First, visit the Porcelain The Face Spa Facebook Page. Then, for those who have already tried Porcelain Pure Cleanser, you may write a short review on it. For those who haven’t tried it but would love to win a full size cleanser so that you can also experience the wonderful benefits, you can either write one of the benefits of the product or write why the product is good for you.

But you gotta act fast because the deadline for the lucky draw is this Monday, 5th July 2010!


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