Porcelain Face Spa Blogging Contest

I’ve been trying out Porcelain’s newest products, the Soothe Hydro Cleanser and Revive Natural Skin Refiner. I love them both!

Soothe Hydro Cleanser is made up of 82% aloe vera gel which is perfect for my ultra sensitive skin. It cleanses and nourishes my skin without being too rich or causing breakouts.  Aloe Vera is one of my top favorite skin care ingredient as it always manages to calm my skin after all the stress I put my skin under.The late nights and lack of sleep usually causes my skin to be even more susceptible to bumps but with the Sooth Hydro Cleanser, it’s been so refreshing!

The other product I love is the Revive Natural Skin Refiner. It works as a very gentle but effective form of exfoliator. Although non-abrasive, you can be assured that it melts the  impurities and dead skin cells and all you have to do is wash it off! You find you skin more radiant immediately! The aloe extracts and natto extracts combined with natural enzymes can even use it on acne skins without worry of causing more harm.

I love their products so much that it’s inspired me to create a short mini film! Thank you to my dearest friends who so gamely cast themselves for this short production by renzze.com

It’s the Christmas season and to celebrate, Porcelain has just launched a blogging contest where every one will be a winner in some way or other!

All you have to do is:

1. Pick one of porcelain’s new product to blog about – either about its benefits, why do you want it and how do you think it can help your skin.

2. Like “Porcelain, The Face Spa” on Facebook (if you are not already a fan)

3. Attach your blog link and our fan page and post it there.

And immediately you get your first prize! You will receive a Complimentary RevitalEye Luxx worth $85. The post MUST be left on your blog for the entire duration of the contest.

To win even more prizes, get your friends to like the page and like your post!

1. MOST NO. of LIKES – wins an Indulgent Package including a Quintessential Facial ($380), Revital Eye Luxx ($85), Neck Treatment ($150) + Products ($108), + $100 Gift Cert Total worth $800++..

2. ALL Voters of Most NO. of LIKES – WINS a $50 Gift Cert

3. MORE THAN 30 LIKES – Blogger wins 1 Set of the Products (worth $108)

4. All Voters – Receive a 50% discount coupon off The Christmas Gift Set (U.P $108)

Contest will run until 3 Jan 12PM. You might even get a chance to be a Porcelain Face Spa’s 2011 Ambassador.


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