Po Lin Monastery and Giant Buddha

The 2 attractions that cannot be missed at Ngong Ping is the Giant Tian Tian Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. Climbing up the flight of 286 steps, you’ll come face to face with the world’s largest outdoor bronze staute – The Giant Buddha. This is considered as one of Hong Kong’s top 10 engineering wonders and the statue itself is 34m high!

Inside the Buddha, there is 3 levels worth of various Buddhist artifacts and relics.

Next stop was the Po Lin Monastery just opposite the Giant Buddha. It is the first of the four most popular monastery in Hong Kong and everyday countless of worshipers would come to this holy ground to pray. The monastery was founded in  1906 and the main hall houses 3 bronze Buddha statue signifying the  Buddha of past, present and future.

There are several construction work at the temple when we were there. These new developments include a “Jeweled Hall of 10,000 Buddhas” being built, which will feature 10,000 Buddha statues as well as a Buddhist Scripture Library and a Dharma Hall.

I spent a quiet moment in the temple grounds just absorbing the serenity. Here are some shots I took while I was there.



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    August 6, 2011 / 11:05 am

    Beautiful flowers: real and human ones.

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      Flowering, Thanks.

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