Photo Journal: Kashima, Ibaraki

These photos were taken before the devastating tsunami hit Japan earlier this year. Kashima was one of the cities that was badly hit and looking at these photos, everything really seems surreal.

How a wonderfully quiet little town famous  for their most successful J. League team, Kashima Antlers is not no longer the same. Kashima also had one of Japan oldest shrines built in 660BC. I have no idea what the place looks like after the tsunami. I had initially planned a trip to Japan with my family in February this year but postponed I found difficulties trying to align everyone’s schedule. Then the tsunami hit and the whole trip was cancelled. I hope to be able to visit Japan again this year though I know that some of the little towns like this one won’t be the same any more so here’s sharing my photos with you.

I will be share more photos of Japan in the Ibaraki prefecture in the next few photo journal posts.


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