Phang Nga Bay

I simply love the luscious green blue Andaman Sea! And this time we are heading the islets of Phang Nga Bay to do some Sea Canoeing.

Phang Nga Bay is part of the protected area of Ao Phang Nga National Park.  Spotted are gorgeous limestone cliffs with caves systems and even till today, there are still research going on to dig into the past when sea levels were lower, and Phuket and Krabi were connected by land.

For the first part of our journey, we were taken via sea canoes to enter the beautiful world of the cave and tunnel system. It was a surreal experience being paddled through the “hongs” to view collapsed caverns, interior lagoons, revealing a unique natural wonder.

Jill had wanted to do the night canoe at Phang Nga Bay but it wasn’t too practical especially since we had Xaiver around but I think this day trip was an interesting insight to the natural limestone formations.  After our first foray with the sea canoe, we returned back to the main boat for a buffet lunch and some swimming and diving into the clear waters.


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