Petit Nail Big Move Part 2

Day 2 was the big move! Clara rented a super old school truck to transport the big heavy stuffs such as tables, sinks, cupboards and seating. Yup… we went the DIY way.

We were all assembled and ready to go in the morning, even though almost all of us had a late night.

Super garang Clara was the truck driver! Cause among all of us, she’s probably the best at manual driving!

I took the passenger seat next to her…

And behind us? Gio, Rudy and Eddie!

It was one really odd sight indeed! 2 Chinese girls driving a pickup truck with an Italian, Indian and Chinese at the back. Everyone was staring, the drivers of the cars on the roads, pedestrians and even the construction workers who were doing road works there. When Clara got out of the car, a lady came over and commented how shocked she was to see a sweet face driving such a vehicle! And she was referring to the old beat up truck with hardly any air-conditioning, looking like it was going to fall apart. Here are photos of the truck’s internal.

It’s still cassette! No CD.

It was a long and sweat-filled day but eventually we got most of the major move done. Just have to use our cars to move small boxes and chairs here and there for the next 2 days and she completed her move!


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