Peace In A Chaotic World

Peace In A Chaotic World

Peace starts from within. It starts from a conscious decision to have peace in your life and to maintain a harmonious life. Many a times we feel and we react according to how we feel without practicing balance, calmness and staying grounded. I’ve been guilty of that every once in awhile and letting myself get suckered into the momentum of negativeness. As the year draws to an end (we are on the last two months of 2017!) , I’m once again making inner peace my top priority.

We live in such a chaotic world where random killings and murders happens everywhere at anytime. I was just in Las Vegas before the random shooting happened there! In the last few months, I’ve seen the fear in eyes of others who worries about tomorrow and I’ve heard the cries of a mother who recently lost her daughter in an unfortunate mishap. Who am I to let little day to day issues get the better of me? I can’t change the tragedies that have happened but I can choose to spread love and compassion instead of hate and arrogance.

There are many schools of thought about this but I have always believed that no one is born with evil within. Just like the story of the two wolves where the one you choose to feed will get stronger. I hope to be more mindful to choose to fill my life with light, love and compassion then to avail in darkness, prejudice and discord.

The problems that we see all around us is not new. It has been happening for as long as humans were on this planet in all kinds of forms and manners. Most civilisations have been built on materialism, subjugation, covetousness,  injustice, oppression, cruelty and ‘us vs them’ thinking. These traits start from little seeds within our hearts and we need learn how to stop blindly getting drawn into this ‘action and reaction’ spiral of destruction.

Having a clean mind with no mental noise helps me to see more beauty in this world just like the lovely gorgeous fallen petals on a quiet walk in the park. Couldn’t resist snapping a few photos even though I wasn’t in the mood for an OOTD.

Here’s wishing you love, calm and a holistic sustainable happiness from within as we all work towards that goal.



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