Padi Rice Field Restaurant

The Bali Safari & Marine Park was pretty exhausting. More from the hot sunny weather then from the walk actually. So we went for a food break at a cooling restaurant near a padi rice field.

The restaurant even had it’s own pool and you are welcomed to dip in and have a soak before or after your meals!

I got my driver to join us for the meals as I made arrangements with him on my itinerary for the next couple of days.

Usually drivers don’t eat with their customers and they would tell you they’ve already had food but sometimes they’ll wait for hours, driving you around from place to place before they get a proper meal and it is such a tiring job to navigate those bumpy roads and wait for hours on end. It doesn’t cost that much more to have them join you in the meals so I always insist they join!

The pink one is called Happy Soda and the green drink is avocado juice.

Again, there is the cute cone shaped rice!

This yellow ginger chicken is one of Balinese traditional dishes and is a recommended dish at this restaurant.

The food here is still cooked with a traditional Balinese stone oven.

I spent the rest of the day strolling about towns doing some light souvenir shopping here and there.

Here’s a common sight on the roads, petrol being sold in used vodka bottles!

Our day ended with a huge feast by the beach at Jimbaran Bay. Good food, good company , nice dances and fine music. Daryl ordered way too much food! We were all stuffed and still couldn’t finish everything! I really liked Sushi’s white VS lace cover-up she wore that day! Made me so tempted to buy one too!

I didn’t take much photos a Jimbaran Bay cause the sun was already setting when I got there and my compact camera don’t take night shots well. But you if you are interested to see how Jimbaran Bay is like you can view my Jimbaran Bay post which I wrote on my last trip to Bali.

After Jimbaran Bay, my last stop was to the spa at Legian for a nice Balinese oil massage to help me wind down.


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