Oriental Hair Solutions by Jean Yip

Jean Yip invited me to try out their Oriental Hair Solutions at their Ngee Ann City Branch.

I love their decor which had oriental vibes but still very modern, spacious with a clean look. I had to first fill out a form about my medical and physical history. It’s a tad intimidating to have to fill out such a detailed form just for a sculpt treatment but I suppose the experts know best. Next, they took me to analyze my sculpt to see what my issue was. I have always have fine and thin hair as do the rest of my family so I usually perm my hair to give it more volume which can be pretty damaging in the long run.

The super microscopic scanner was able to magnify each of my hair pores! It seems that I have very sensitive scalp and that quite a few of my hair pores are blocked so my hair is unable to absorb nutrients that is found in shampoos and serums. The hair care expert suggested that I use high frequency therapy to first break down the clogged deposits then a treatment formular specially selected for my sensitive scalp to calm it down.

It was rather comfortable and maybe it’s psychological but I feel much happier after knowing that my very neglected scalp had some attention paid to it. It also helped that I had a nice head massage and blow dry after! It’s really a place to check out if you have hair problems and the atmosphere is not at all intimidating. I had expected a lot of older folks with hair problems to be there but surprisingly, most of the customers I saw there looked in their late 20s to 40s.


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