The Story Behind The Challenge

While talking to Shane and Diane the other day we got into a forthcoming discussion. They felt that money to buy gorgeous clothes would make any lass attractive. I undeniably concur that having the means to buy beautiful clothes and make up goes a long way in making any ugly duckling pretty. Or else most of us wouldn’t be ogling at celebrities in their red carpet wear!

But the one point at which we differ was that Shane and Diane felt that common folks like us without the access to a multitude of designer wears and expanding closet space can never hope to catch up on the swift tempo of fashion, not to mention creating our own.

They also allege that it is hard for some one like me that spend a considerable portion of my disposable earnings on clothes to understand how difficult it is for them to work with a small collection.

I beg to differ as I too, am familiar with living from hand to mouth principally during my younger days. I couldn’t afford much and every choice I made had to be versatile so that I could re-wear over and over again without being feeling jaded!

I believed that even without the means if we were willing to think out of the box we can still give a lot of stylish mileage to the clothes we already own. And that the love of fashion is an attitude, not a compliance to society’s demands or the need to have bags of cash. It’s the celebrity’s stylist that we need to take our hats off for.

Thus leading to the challenge.


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