One skirt, many styles

And so they challenged me! Read about the story behind the challenge in the previous post.

The objective was to come out with as many styles as I could think off with one skirt within 30mins. I may select up to 5 items to aid with my challenge but the focus of each style has to be the skirt.

These are the items used in the competition.

1. Red and white polka dot silk skirt with attached sash
2. Black belt.
3. Black corset top.
4. Black knee high boots.
5. Black earings.

Conclusion: I convinced my two friends who were giggling and yielding before the timer hit 30mins! I managed about 17 to 20 approaches in the time frame though most styles would have looked nicer had I more accessories to play with.

We had a fun time and I am also a little surprised at the results. All the photographs were snapped only once cause of the running timer so if you see me in odd poses please disregard!

On reflection, I suppose I lost a great deal of my innovative juices by being able to afford so many clothes! I miss my teens where I modified my outfits all the time!

Let me know which ones are nice!


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