One of my favorite japanese restaurants

This is gonna be a massive food post with tons of foodie pics!

After the Singapore Underworld, we brought them to one of my favorite Japanese restaurant at Vivocity. I’ve featured them a couple of times on my blog already. Can you guess where?

Here are the food pics to tantalise your taste buds!

Pierluca and Elena have never had soft shell crab before so that found it very interesting.  Certain crabs have a molting period where they cast aside their old shells  and form new shells to enable it to grow larger. During this period, instead of shells, they have a soft covering instead and when cooked within 4 days of their molting period,  so you get soft shell crabs where you can eat the entire thing whole. If I’m not wrong, this particular restaurant uses the blue crab.

One of my absolute faves! Japanese grilled sweet potatoes!

Tons of yakitori!!

Elena’s fave! Edamame! They are baby soya beans! These green soya beans are picked before they ripen and boiled with salt.

Desserts were just as yummy! And they didn’t let us down even though by the time we came to them we were all totally stuffed!

Watch the video to see all of us enjoying this scrumptious feast!

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